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Shine Brighter With Sunny Blog – Your Daily Dose of Positivity!

Shine Brighter with Sunny Blog Your Daily Dose of Positivity

Nothing beats a sunny day: put on your favorite outfit, convince your husband to take flattering photographs of you and the kids, go on a hike, or ride bikes!

On this episode of A Dose of Positivity I interviewed best selling author Helen Bratton. Helen shared an incredible journey as she discussed addiction, disability, and recovery.

What is the Sunny Blog About?

Sunny’s goal is to add brightness to your life. She is an accomplished leader who can assist in many ways; be it finding race stats or helping with butterfly stroke practice or finding wax for surfboards. Plus she loves sharing sweet treats like candy bars with the people in her life!

Shining bright doesn’t just involve being the center of attention; it requires sustainable personal energy management that recognizes your unique spiritual makeup or energetic personality archetype, while creating an equilibrium between what comes in and goes out, as all systems must do.

What is the Sunny Blog for Teens?

Overview Written by educators and experts, this blog covers a range of educational topics such as academic tips, personal development advice and current affairs. Furthermore, this resource serves as an invaluable tool for both adolescents and their parents as they navigate adolescence.

Sunny Song, a Korean American rising high school senior, is addicted to her phone and YouTube videos at all hours of the day (even while in school!). After an unfortunate mistake causes one of her videos to go viral under #BrowniePorn, her parents send her to Sunshine Heritage Farms in Iowa for a digital detox session where she meets an adorable farm boy and must navigate both her online persona and identity struggles simultaneously.

What is the Sunny Blog for Adults?

Sunny Lancaster is an imaginative young person with an active imagination who finds color and sound everywhere he turns. When life gets too loud for him to handle, he writes in his diary to quiet things down a bit; and is also discovering that dancing may not be appropriate for track athletes such as himself; thus making this book suitable for older readers (Year 5s+).

Review by Her Campus. Highly Recommended Purchase.

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